Results and Statistics

Get the results and statistics in to your league fast

Save time and effort by entering results online which can automatically appear on your website.

Record the statistics you want and in the format for your sport.

Share the task by allowing team administrators to enter the scores for their matches.

Silver feature

Live Results and the Team Admin app

Get Team Administrators to enter scores and statistics as they happen

  • Display live scores in real-time on your free league website
  • Share the task of getting scores and statistics into your league with Team Administrators
  • Free iOS and Android apps make it quick and easy to enter scores and statistics
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LeagueRepublic Team Admin app

Flexible and simple score recording

  • Change the scoring system to the way you want to record scores for your league.
  • Customise your standings to show the information relevant to your league.
  • Enter multi-level scores for sports with different periods of play like half time, period 2.
  • View score conflicts when different scores are entered by team administrators from opposing teams.
  • Approve and lock the scores and stats that are entered before they appear on the website.
  • Option to enter scores by SMS text messages sent in by team administrators, see pricing.
  • Easily add typical statistics and keep your league members engaged.
  • Create your own statistics with a simple but powerful statistic creation tool.