Record Results & Statistics

Results and Statistics

Save time and effort by entering results online which can automatically appear on your website.

Record the statistics you want and in the format for your sport.

Share the task by allowing team administrators to enter the scores for their matches.

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Record Results & Statistics

Automatically generate standings

Standings get displayed on your league website. Standings automatically update when results are entered and approved.

Change how many points are awarded for wins, ties and loses. Customise which columns are shown and their descriptions.

Flexible and simple score recording

Flexible and simple score recording

Choose which scores you want to record. Enter scores for half-time or period 1. Show live scores as they happen on your league website. Hide scores for particular divisions.

Share the task by getting team administrators to enter scores via the web, mobile or SMS.

Enter and record statistics

Enter and record statistics

Record player statistics like goal scorers in soccer, 501's in darts, and many more. Lock statistics so they can't be changed.

Automatically generate leading player rankings displayed on your league website.

Create your own statistics to record exactly what you want in every match.

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