Player Registration

Bronze feature

Register teams and players for your league with ease

Make registration quick and simple for players and teams joining your league or returning for a new season.

Option to collect payments online by credit or debit card that go directly to your bank account, simple and secure.

Easily request payments from people for fines, sponsorship or anything else...

Bronze feature

Save time when registering teams and players online

  • Easy for players and teams to register to join your league or to renew their membership.
  • Option to collect a registration fee payments online from teams and players by integrating with Stripe.
  • Safe and secure online payments via our payment processing partner Stripe, certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.
  • No set-up fees, no monthly costs you only pay a low LeagueRepublic fee of 2% + Stripe's fee per transaction. Stripe's fee varies by country.
  • Easily request a payment from anyone, anywhere, either within or outside of your league.
  • Keep track of payments made to the league with spreadsheet downloads showing all transactions made.

Features that you'll love

Get players and teams registered for your league's competitions with ease

Whatever type of participants you need to get registered, we've got it covered

Register players for teams and singles players

  • Get people to join singles based competitions
  • Get people to join your league as a player for a team
  • Let players request to join an existing team in your league
  • Add your own processing fee to cover costs of taking payments online
  • Control how many participants can register
  • Control how long the registration period should be open

Register teams, with or without players

  • Get teams to register with or without players
  • Option to let a team register as an existing team in the league
  • Powerful registration fee options to cover all needs
  • Add your own processing fee to cover costs of taking payments online
  • Control how many teams can register
  • Control how long the registration period should be open

Get paid by people who owe your league money with Payment Requests

We've made it so easy to request a payment from someone within or outside of your league to help you get paid quicker

Simple and fast

  • Create a payment request in seconds
  • Get fines, sponsorship or anything paid online with ease
  • Email the payment request with one click or tap
  • Send them a link to the payment page via any way you want

Safe and secure

  • Payments get made online within LeagueRepublic
  • Money get processed by Stripe, safely and securely
  • Money goes directly into the bank account of your choice
  • Easily refund in full or partial if circumstances change

Effectively manage the people that make your league

Share the task of running a league with multiple administrators and team administrators.

Assign referees and officials and manage their activities in the league.

Create players and detail their progress throughout the season.

Structure your league online

  • Structure people within your league with dedicated roles for all members.
  • Customise security settings so that people can only access what you want them to.
  • Assign multiple roles to people who do different things within the league.
  • Create contacts and committee members you that people in your league know who to contact.